Actress/ singer Katherine Mari (Katie) Stevens, best known for being the 8th finalist on the 9th season of Fox's American Idol, was born in Waterbury, CT on December 8, 1992. She began singing and performing at age 3, doing Broadway intensive camps, local and school theater, and eventually landed herself on the American Idol stage. She auditioned in Boston, MA for the 9th season of American Idol making it through to Hollywood Week where Kara Dioguardi stated that she was one ..  Read More
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Faking It’s Katie Stevens to Lead Freeform Drama Pilot Iss...
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Katie Stevens Issues Cast

Three months after the untimely cancellation of MTV’s Faking It, star Katie Stevens is rebounding with a lead role on Freeform’s Issues, a drama pilot about the cutthroat world of magazine publishing in New York City.

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[News]: ‘Faking It’ Star Katie Stevens to Topline Fr...
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She'll be joined by Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee in the pilot from 'Parenthood' grad Sarah Watson.

Freeform has assembled the cast for its Cosmopolitan drama pilot Issues.

Set to lead the cast is Faking It grad Katie Stevens in the pilot inspired by the life of Cosmo editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

Previously developed at NBC, it offers a glimpse into the outrageous lives and loves of those responsible for a global women’s magazine. Their struggles are about finding your identity, managing friendships and getting your heart broken, all while wearing the perfect jeans to flatter any body type.

Stevens will star as Jane, who has just been promoted to her dream job as a writer for Scarlet Magazine. Equal parts passion and determination, she is sometimes a little overwhelmed by life in New York. Aisha Dee (Chasing Life) is set as Kat, also recently promoted at Scarlet to social media director; she is bold, fearless and not intimidated by anyone. Meghann Fahy (Political Animals) will portray Sutton, the last of her friends to be an assistant at Scarlet. Sutton is humble and dependable, but her workload comes at two speeds — crushing or overwhelming. Furthermore, Sutton is keeping a secret from her friends.

They join previously cast Melora Hardin (Transparent) as the editor-in-chief of the show’s magazine; Sam Page (House of Cards) as the lawyer for the publishing group; and Matt Ward (Remedy) as a fellow writer who is smitten with Jane.

Issues was created by Sarah Watson (Parenthood). David Bernad (Superstore), Coles and Ruben Fleischer (Superstore) executive produce. Holly Whidden co-executive produces the Universal Television and The District entry.

Stevens is repped by CAA, Impression Entertainment and Bloom Hergott. The role marks her first gig since MTV’s Faking It was canceled earlier this year. Dee, who returns to Freeform following Chasing Life, is with Gersh. Fahy (One Life to Live) is with Gersh and Untitled.

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The Beauty Beat: Bronzer or Blush? Don’t Make Katie Choose
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ESC: Beauty Beat, Katie Stevens

She was the eighth finalist on season nine of American Idol and now she’s three seasons deep starring in MTV’s Faking It.

If it isn’t clear already, Katie Stevens is a self-made woman. She’s also refreshingly relatable when it comes to her simple, yet (somewhat) strict beauty routine. You won’t catch her before a red carpet event without her face mask and wearing makeup to the gym is a big faux pas. What else can you learn from her? A lot. Just don’t ask her to choose between bronzer and blush…because she can’t.

What’s your everyday makeup look?
I like to look effortless, so I just accentuate my favorite features. I go subtle on the eyes using neutral colors and smudge a little brown liner on my top lid. For my cheeks, I love a peachy bronzer to highlight my cheek bones and a tinted lip balm on my lips.

What’s your signature lip color?
My favorite lip color for daytime is Rouge d’ Armani Sheer Pink 502 lipstick. It looks like it would be super pigmented but it’s sheer. It just gives your natural lip color a boost while keeping the lips hydrated. I can’t live without it.

Bronzer or blush?
I’m pale, so I need a little of both! Bronzer keeps me glowing and a little blush makes it look natural. Nars has a great duo kit that I always keep in my purse.

What’s your best non-product related beauty tip?
Take care of your skin! Wash your face every morning and night, and be sure to moisturize! SPF and moisturizer are two things that will ensure you stay younger-looking longer! I moisturize my entire body right when I get out of the shower and I always use makeup with an SPF.

What are your daily hair products? Any styling tips?
I use Living Proof Prime Style Extender while my hair is damp, to protect it and smooth the texture of my hair. And I am obsessed with Evo’s Water Killer Dry Shampoo; it works so well and smells amazing!

Any current product obsessions?
I’ve been really into face masks! I have combination skin: I get oily but my skin is dry, so using a face mask keeps it neutral. The Dr. Jart Dermask Brightening Solution Mask is so great and refreshing. This mask is my go-to before red carpet events.

What product do you think is overrated/underrated?
I think hair extensions are overrated. And they hurt! I prefer to rock my natural length, whether it’s long or short. I’ve only used hair extensions a handful of times and they’ve actually damaged sections of my hair. And I think bath soaks are underrated. Nothing beats getting into an aroma bath with candles after a long week. Jo Malone London has an Amber & Lavender Bath Oilthat’s to die for!

What makeup do you wear to the gym, if any?
I never wear makeup to the gym! I sweat too much and don’t want my makeup running down my face. Plus, your pores open up when you’re sweating, so if you wear makeup you’re just clogging all those pores and asking for a breakout.

What’s your signature scent?
I’m not a huge perfume person; I prefer to wear something light. I just discovered this fragrance that I’m OBSESSED with: Clean Reserve Velvet Flora, it has floral notes (jasmine, lily and saffron flower) with hints of musk and amber. It’s named perfectly because it smells so clean and pretty! I love it!

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Katie Says the Bullies Wish They Were in Her Louboutins Now
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Last year MTV series Faking It scored the Teen Choice Award for Best Breakout Show. This year, the show’s star Katie Stevens, who plays high schooler Karma Ashcroft, showed up to support its nomination for Choice TV: Summer Show.

And by this point, the actress has a good sense of why fans are so adamantly obsessed with Faking It: “It shows people it’s okay to be authentically, 100 percent who you are,“ Stevens said on the red carpet. “I think we do a good job of showing high school and all the things that you faked to fit in. I think that speaks to a lot of our fans and that’s why they gravitate to the show. And we work a lot with the LGBT community being that that’s part of our storyline. To tell those stories and be a part of that is really incredible. To be a part of that movement – and I don’t think it should be called a movement since it preexisted—makes me really happy.”

The actress feels your teenage tendencies can linger with you, whether you’re young or old. “I always say it doesn’t matter what age you are everything is like high school,” Stevens explained. “I think you judge people in different ways. In high school I felt pressure to fit in with groups and with people who didn’t actually want to be my friend. That’s something I learned moving forward into adulthood to keep the people around me people who love me for exactly who I am. And all the other people who judge each other as adults, I don’t really gravitate to them. Everything is like high school, just in different ways. It’s like you grow up but you don’t grow out of it in a way.”

For Stevens, her biggest high school challenge was learning to accept herself, which is exactly what she hopes people take away from Faking It. “Like everyone, I had low self-esteem and I wanted to be like the pretty popular girls,” she admitted. “I wanted to fit in to those groups. I wanted to be good at sports, even though I wasn’t. There’s so much pressure to figure out who you are, but you’re never done figuring out who you are. I’m 22 and still figuring out who I am. It never ends. You just have different self-discovery.” Stevens may not have been totally accepted in high school, but now she’s walking the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards.

“I always say ‘The best revenge is success,’” she said. “All the people that were mean to me wish they were in my shoes now. Literally. I mean, these are Louboutins. They’re pretty cool. I’m happy to be in my shoes!”

Source: Yahoo

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